A Note From Abbie

Hello! My name is Abigail Roberts, but my friends call me Abbie. I am a hopeless romantic and a lover of lists, people with dreams, and all things magical. 

My passion for event planning begin over 10 years ago when I became president of the social committee in college. I instantly fell in love with coordinating unforgettable events on a small budget. The feeling at the end of every event is what hooked me the most...it delighted me to see everyone leaving feeling undeniably more magical than when they came. 

I began planning work parties, baby showers, birthday parties, holiday parties, anything I could...I never needed an excuse to throw and amazing party!

My love for wedding planning developed later, after I fell head over heels for the most gorgeous, most incredible man alive and he put a ring on it. As I dove into planning the most important and beautiful event of my life, I felt in my element. It was the most enchanting night I have ever experienced.

In those moments, I thought every bride should feel enchanted on her wedding day and couldn't wait to start planning the next wedding! At the time, I was blessed to work with some amazing and talented people that inspired me creatively and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. So, I did! I began planning weddings and took classes at The New York Institute of Art and Design. Before I could even finish my classes, I knew my calling.

Now, I live to create beautiful, well organized events on a budget. The best part about owning this business is getting to meet some of the most incredible people who become life long friends while planning the most amazing events of their lives together. 

Let's meet over coffee to talk about your upcoming event. No strings attached...no matter what, you will get free coffee and a friend for life!

Abigail Roberts | Event Strategist, Owner of WildFlower Events